Medical Malpractice Law

Beliveau, Fradette & Gallant, P.A. has developed a reputation for successful, aggressive representation of patients injured (including death) in our modern healthcare delivery system. You may be entitled to recover for personal injuries caused by a hospital, doctor, pharmacy, nursing home, or medication. At no cost to you, we will review the facts of your case and provide you with an opinion on whether there is a viable claim of medical or other health professional malpractice. Attorney Fradette is a pharmacist as well as an attorney. He is very familiar with the challenges facing our modern system for delivering health care services. Because of his unique background, he has access to the experts needed to review and determine whether malpractice has occurred. If it has, Attorney Fradette will prepare and present your case in a professional and effective manner, achieving the best result for you or your loved one.

Medical malpractice law - Beliveau, Fradette & Gallant, P.A.

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