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  • N.H. Pharmacist Awarded Over $31 Million Against Walmart in Employment Suit

    CONCORD, NH – January 28, 2016 – New Hampshire Pharmacist Maureen McPadden was awarded over $31 million in her gender discrimination, whistleblower, and wrongful termination lawsuit against Walmart yesterday.  A federal court jury heard the evidence during a five-day trial.  Ms. McPadden has been a licensed pharmacist since 1988 and worked for Walmart for over […]

  • $2M Pharmacist Verdict Affirmed by MA Supreme Judicial Court

    In this 2009 anti-discrimination lawsuit, BFG won a favorable judgement against Walmart. Cynthia Haddad alleged unequal compensation and termination of employment based on gender as well as claims for defamation. Following a jury trial, Wal-Mart was found liable on the discrimination claim and Haddad was awarded $972,772 in compensatory damages and $1M in punitive damages.

  • Attorney Fradette Wins $2 Million Verdict For Pharmacist Against Wal-Mart

    Pharmacist Cindy Haddad alleged that Wal-Mart (WM) discriminated against her in wages and enforcement of WM policies (as compared to male pharmacy managers) and wrongfully terminated her under the pretext of having violated an ambiguous WM policy. WM claimed it fired Cindy for “failure to secure the pharmacy” and “violation of policy” by leaving the […]

  • Attorney Fradette Wins $480,000 Verdict In Manchester, N.H.

    In May of 2001, Cheryl was diagnosed with end stage renal failure and advised that she would require dialysis or a kidney transplant.  Thereafter, she was worked up for a kidney transplant, including a trip to Wisconsin on or about July 11, 2001 to be typed for a possible dual pancreas and kidney transplant.  Cheryl […]

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